5 reasons to build student portfolios on Kidblog

Kidblog enables schools to document student learning over time with digital portfolios. With no manual curation required, students’ portfolios are built automatically across classes, demonstrating growth year-over-year. Parents can celebrate their children’s achievements throughout their academic journey.

1.) Kidblog portfolios give students ownership over their work. Students have the option to change their portfolio theme, personalizing this individual “blog page”. Students also have the option to share their posts with parents, friends, extended family across the nation or world, and even future college admissions contacts. Only users invited by the student to view the portfolio will be able to see that particular student’s work: year-over-year, class-to-class. Additionally, students can choose to make posts public to their portfolio audience, or change the audience on a single post to be private, removing it from the others’ view.

2.) Documenting learning has never been easier. All posts published by authors in Kidblog are automatically curated into their digital portfolios. There is no added work for the student or the teacher to get published posts into the portfolio. As the student publishes over multiple classes and years, all work will be immediately accessible from that student’s individual portfolio page.

3.) The automatic curation of student posts throughout the year makes it very easy to assess student growth. Portfolios serve as a yardstick for student growth. At each phase of learning, students will continue to “develop their skills, find comfort sharing knowledge and ideas freely, and continuously build their content-rich digital portfolio. This ever-growing content can later be used as a focal point to help students see their progress and reflect on their work.” (Poth, Assessing Student Growth)

4.) Portfolios can be viewed and used in parent-teacher conferences. The authors’ digital portfolios are an easy way to view a collection of student work over the quarter, semester, or entire year. The portfolio can be safely displayed for parents, knowing only their child’s work will appear in the collection of published work. And to take this one step further – Host a student-led conference using Kidblog’s digital portfolios!

5.) Kidblog will never remove student work or make it inaccessible to students and users. Consider this situation: students move from your class, which uses Kidblog avidly, to a class that does not publish online. These students can continue to access and share their portfolios of past work, even though they are no longer members of an active Kidblog class. These students will simply log in to their accounts as they did the previous year to view and continue sharing their digital portfolios. Or, ensure your students never lose their ability to publish new content; Share student portfolios with colleagues to convince them to blog in their classrooms.

About the Author
Laura is a Kidblog Customer Success Manager. She enjoys connecting with teachers daily to share Kidblog stories, learn how they use Kidblog in their classroom, and hear unique feature ideas to better our platform. Laura loves strong morning coffee, an invigorating yoga flow, and exploring new cities around the world.


  1. Jessica Orika

    Such a great post. Very informative. Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica Orika

  2. Sheri Jaffurs

    Can these posts be printed?

    • Laura Kniffin

      Hi Sheri,

      Thank you for contacting us. Because of the dynamic nature of Kidblog posts and comments, printer-friendly versions of blogs are not currently available. We do hope to have basic printable versions of posts available in the future. But posts and comment content will always look best on an electronic device (laptop, projector/whiteboard, tablet, phone).

      Please feel free to contact us at support@kidblog.org with any additional questions or comments.

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