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Be Heard Around the Globe

"Kidblog provides an easy-to-use and highly adaptable platform for our learners’ voices to be heard around the globe! Our learners post text, images, videos, and much more. Parents are able to read and leave comments on their child’s posts and Digital Volunteers provide specific feedback to help our learners revise and edit their work. From a teacher’s perspective, it is easy to set up and seamless to navigate. Kidblog is our favorite tool for providing our learners with an authentic audience and is an ideal way to allow our learners to understand they have a voice and it matters!"

Kellie Konrad

3rd-Grade Teacher
Liberty Public Schools

Connect with Other Students

"Kidblog has provided our district, our teachers, and ultimately our students a secure platform to blog, but more importantly, connect with other students throughout the world safely and securely. We are able to easily connect with other classes within the district as well as outside the district and share to whichever authentic audience the teacher chooses. The decision to invest in Kidblog has been tremendously beneficial for our students across the district!"

Brent Catlett

Director of Technology
Independence School District

Promote Digital Citizenship

"Integrating Kidblog into our school system has not only afforded our students opportunities to develop the writing skills they need to be successful communicators, it has also motivated our students to write creatively and frequently. Since implementing Kidblog, our system has been able to provide a targeted group of learners throughout nine schools with the tools they need to promote digital citizenship, authentic writing, research skills, and creative problem solving across the curriculum. Students are engaged in writing within the classroom and often take the initiative to write on Kidblog at home. We take learning beyond the four walls of the traditional classroom and open up a world of communication and collaboration within a safe and student-friendly digital environment."

April Cummings

Gifted Education Teacher
Floyd County Schools

Redefine Learning

"Students have been more engaged in creating, communicating and collaborating since using Kidblog. It is an outstanding way for students to share their work with their class members, and receive instant feedback that motivates them to improve their work. Kidblog has also provided a safe and easy way for students to share their ideas with the outside world, and have an authentic audience with whom they can discuss their work. Teachers and students alike have found Kidblog to be a wonderful tool to help redefine their learning."

Miranda Felton

Instructional Technology ToSA
Pajaro Valley Unified School District

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I choose a school membership over an individual teacher membership?

Site licenses are priced per school, with unlimited teachers and students, and a “Super-Admin” role for district personnel. Individual memberships are priced per teacher and managed individually.

What abilities come with the “Super-Admin” role?

Administrators have full visibility into all classes across the organization. Administrators may create classes, manage user accounts, reset passwords, moderate posts and comments, and view usage/activity reports. Your membership allows multiple Administrator accounts at various levels (e.g. school or district-wide).

Does Kidblog require student email addresses?

Kidblog does not require student email addresses. Without an email address, students log in with a username/password or via Clever. An email address may be optionally added to a student profile to enable login via Google Apps for Education accounts.

How do year-to-year transitions work?

Digital portfolios are built automatically as students publish within their classes. "Automatic" means no manual curation is required, saving teachers (and students) countless hours. Schools use Kidblog portfolios to document learning year-over-year, and parents can celebrate their children's achievements throughout their academic journey.

Can Kidblog import SIS data and set up class rosters?

We offer optional rostering assistance, which streamlines initial rollouts and year-over-year transitions. Our team can set up all of your accounts using basic enrollment data exported from your SIS (we support ClassLink and Clever-compatible data). Then, when teachers and students log in, all of their class sections and accounts are already established—they're ready to start publishing right away.

How much does a site license cost?

Memberships are priced per school, and we provide a custom quote for your grade level, school, or entire district. We offer volume discounts and additional savings for multi-year memberships. Email or print a quote.