Admin Pro

Admin Pro site licenses are designed for curriculum coordinators and technology directors to manage teacher and student accounts across your school and district.
Grants and volume discounts are available to defray a portion of the cost if your school qualifies.

“Super-admin” role

Provision and support accounts site-wide; delegate class management to individual teachers

Reporting & Analytics

Track usage and engagement for schools, classes, individual students

Unlimited Teachers

No additional cost for premium-level teacher accounts site-wide

Multi-year Digital Portfolios

Document learning and growth with seamless transitions year-over-year

Flexible Configuration

Organize students across a grade level, department, school or district.

Email to get started with Admin Pro

Admin Pro Features


Privacy options, post & comment moderation, user management


Student-friendly publishing experience


Meet Common Core Anchor Standards for Writing

Class Connections

Connect with an authentic global audience

Unlimited Classes

Organize your students in multiple class sections

Google & Clever Login

Use Google Apps for Education or Clever accounts to sign up and log in

Personalized Student Themes

Increase engagement with custom images, colors, graphics, and fonts

Large Media Files

Upload and embed videos directly from mobile devices

Google Drive Integration

One-click embed tool easily integrates Google Documents, Presentations, Drawings, Videos

Multiple Premium Teachers

Shared administration of users and content (e.g. co-teaching)

Unlimited Students Accounts

Enroll 200 students per class in unlimited classes

Lesson Plans and Resources

Teach a creative writing project with complete unit plan adaptable for elementary and middle school

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kidblog require student email addresses?

Kidblog does not require student emails. An email address may be optionally added to a student profile or used to log in via Google Apps for Education accounts.

Is there advertising on Kidblog?

No. Kidblog is 100% ad free.

Who can see student posts and comments?

The teacher is in full control of the audience. Post privacy may be set to:

  • teacher only
  • class members
  • connected classes
  • public
How are parents involved?

Students may invite parents to follow their blog. Parents may then view their child’s posts and comments. Parents may not view the posts of other students unless the Teacher grants the parent those specific rights.

Do posts and comments need to be approved before they are published?

The teacher can require moderation before posts are visible to a broader audience. For example, students may be allowed to post to their classmates without teacher review, but publishing to another class may require moderation. And the teacher always has the ability to un-publish student posts and comments. Kidblog also allows a teacher to grant moderation capabilities to other teachers and assistants.

Can students keep their blog from year-to-year?

Yes. Unlike other student blogging platforms, a student’s blog and content seamlessly travels with that student their entire journey through school. No exporting or importing of content is required.

Can Kidblog be used as a digital portfolio?

Yes. Kidblog is not only a great publishing platform, but it is a natural digital portfolio. Schools are using Kidblog across all of their classes and content areas, including Math, Science, and Social Studies. With the ability to set publishing audience at multiple levels, even teacher only assignments are being captured and archived in Kidblog.

What abilities come with the “super-admin” role?

The Admin Pro subscription is designed for users who support a group of teachers across multiple Kidblog classes. Kidblog Administrators may create classes and user accounts site-wide. They have the ability to reset passwords, manage user accounts, and moderate content. The Administrator may delegate class management to individual teachers. Kidblog allows an organization to have multiple Administrator accounts with these “super-admin” privileges.

How do I implement Admin Pro at my site?

Rolling out Kidblog across your organization is straightforward and does not require extensive training or consulting. The first step is setting up an Administrator account, which is completed during Admin Pro registration. From there you may consolidate any existing accounts under your Admin Pro license. Finally, you can centrally manage provisioning and configuration, or delegate class management to individual teachers.

Can user accounts be batch-created?

Yes. You may use CSV files to bulk provision student and teacher accounts.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes. Kidblog has an integrated P.O. system that makes processing easy and straightforward.