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Our mission at Kidblog is to provide a safe and simple publishing platform that motivates students to share their voice with an authentic audience — and in the process, transform their communication skills. We are fortunate to hear feedback from countless teachers with comments like, “My students LOVE Kidblog!” Because of these sentiments, we now serve millions of teachers, students, and parents around the world.

With this rapidly growing user base and the recent launch of our new student publishing platform, Kidblog usage is at an all-time high. This increased demand results in significant costs for our network infrastructure, customer support, and software development. In order to continually innovate and achieve our mission, in September 2015 we will be changing our membership model by limiting free usage to 30 days.

If you currently have a Teacher Premium or Admin Pro membership – thank you! This change will not impact you or your students. If you are currently a free member, you will need to upgrade when the trial expires.  To assist you in this transition we’re offering individual teachers an annual Teacher Premium membership for only $29 (20% off) until December 31, 2015. For schools that have multiple teachers using Kidblog, we recommend an Admin Pro membership.

By becoming a Kidblog member, you will receive:

  • Ongoing access to Kidblog’s award winning student publishing platform
  • A full image library that enables students to easily personalize each post
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Video hosting
  • Google login and Google Drive integration
  • Lesson plans and resources
  • Student portfolios that travel with each student year-over-year

To take advantage of the $29 Teacher Premium promotion, log into your Kidblog account and click “Membership”.

To inquire about an Admin Pro membership for your school or district, click here.

Teaching writing is hard. Getting kids excited about writing is even harder. Together, we can create a safe, engaging, and transformative student publishing experience — built by teachers, for teachers.



Photo Credit:  Children at School by Lucelia Ribeiro; CC BY-SA license via flickr

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The Kidblog team is passionate about helping students find their voice within a safe, teacher-moderated environment.


  1. Bell Gallagher

    I just presented a workshop to 120 Educators in Philadelphia this past week recommending KidBlog as an excellent free blogging platform. They signed on to my class KidBlog, practiced posting and commenting, and were all excited about blogging with their students in September. Many of these Educators will have to pay your new fee out of their own pockets as their schools don’t have the resources to pay. Their solutions may now be paper and pencil? Or..some other blogging platform.
    I am disappointed, and I also feel as though I’ve led these Educators down the wrong road, and am quite embarrassed.
    Respectfully and disappointedly…
    Bell Gallagher
    St. Martin de Porres School
    Independence Mission Schools Technology Chairperson
    2300 W. Lehigh Ave.
    Philadelphia, PA 19132

    • Kidblog


      Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. We apologize for any embarrassment you felt, and understand that the change created some possible inconsistencies in your message to teachers. The key message is that Kidblog continues to put teachers first. In short, over time as a company, we have learned what should be obvious to us all: it costs a lot of money to run a word-class free service. In 2013 we rolled out premium features for those users who desired extra resources. Many users upgraded to a Teacher Premium subscription or an Admin Pro site license and we were able offset some of the organizational and infrastructure costs required to support our growing user base. This early revenue also helped us grow stronger as a company, building a solid foundation so we could continue to provide long-term value. Now that Kidblog has evolved and built the new next-generation publishing platform for students, the time has come for us to change our membership model.

      We understand first-hand the out-of-pocket expenses teachers put toward equipping a learning environment. Teachers continually sacrifice by reinvesting their own hard-earned salary back into the classroom. We get it – we truly do. We also want to continue to support you in your mission as an educator. That’s what we do. We build the world’s best student publishing platform, built from the ground up for you and your students.

      Please feel free to reach out with any other questions or feedback at

  2. Stephanie Hawkes

    I teach four classes. Is that $29.00 per class?

    • Kidblog

      Stephanie, the Teacher Premium membership allows an individual teacher to provide premium features to any of their class sections. No additional cost per class.

      • Sofía

        Hello, is there a limit on the number of classes a premium teacher can have? I teach computer class and have several groups each year.

      • Kidblog


        Teacher Premium members can create as many classes as they need at no extra cost.

  3. Marcus T

    I am an educator that loves using Kidblog and understand that there are costs involved with such a fantastic product. My students thoroughly enjoyed using it as it is a great platform to foster collaboration. Unfortunately, after using it as a free service over the past couple of years (BIG thank you) it is difficult transitioning to have to pay for it now. I appreciate that you recognize that educators often reinvest their own hard earned salary back into the classroom. As a result, I will mostly likely need to seek other possible options. I wish you all the best!

    • Kidblog

      Thank you for your your thoughtful comment, Marcus. We’re pleased to have been able to serve you at no cost for years. We will welcome you back any time. We hope you find true value in Kidblog’s service.

  4. Ms. Buford

    I’m not sure that I’m going to be using Kidblog in the next 30 days. We have testing going on for the next 3-4 weeks after next week which is spring break. I can’t really take advantage of your website after that either because i will be using Google Classroom and several Google apps that don’t expose elementary students to online dangers. Please make sure I’m NOT charged for a membership I don’t want! I was really just trying to keep open the Kidblog as a record of a class that I participated in and to save the unique information I researched and prepared for my students and classes. Please let me know if I can preserve the multi-media presentations so that I may yet use them to teach that lesson again since I’m no teaching at that particular school. I’ve been reassigned to a different school and would love to share the presentation with my current students! Thank you!

    Ms. Buford

    • Kidblog

      Hi Ms. Buford,

      Thank you for your comment. Please note that your Kidblog class can be as private or public as you would like. Teacher’s moderate everything in their class and nothing is published unless you say so. Additionally, we integrate with Google, so that any work you and your students create in Google apps can be easily embed and published as a post in Kidblog to share with classmates or other classes in your school.

      You will not be charged for a membership under a free trial plan. Once your free trial expires, you and the students will still have read-only access to all your blogs. However, you will no longer be able to create new posts or edit existing posts or comments.

  5. Madison Delaney

    I’m a kid,
    I don’t know how to start my own kid blog can some own helpme?

    • Grace Carlson

      Hello Madison! When you go to school, tell your teacher you want to start blogging and ask about Kidblog! Have your teacher send us an email at we can get them a discount. Have a great day!

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