Webinar: Creating Digital Portfolios

First and second grade gifted education teacher and Teacher Advisor for Kidblog in her district, April Cummings, shares her experience and best practices for implementing Kidblog school- or district-wide. April discusses the benefits of creating and maintaining digital portfolios. In …Read More

The Power of Words: Positive vs. Negative

The “Magic Ratio” John Gottman, a researcher, studied positive and negative relationships among 700 married couples believed that negative experiences (words and emotions) needed to be balanced with positive experiences in a relationship in order for the relationship to be …Read More

Increasing Student Enjoyment in Writing

Although I give them many tools to help them write, it is still hard to generate a positive response to writing. I had a moment three years ago (as my fourth class of the day groaned over a writing assignment) when I realized I needed to change something in our writing routine.

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