Expanding Student Voice

Whether using Kidblog in your sciencemath, or ELA classroom (or any subject area), the ability to connect your students with an audience is one of the greatest benefits to blogging. When students have the realization that they are writing for an audience beyond you, the teacher, their writing flourishes. Students are able to share their passions, interests, ideas, and knowledge with others not only within their classroom or down the hall, but nationally and globally, as well.

However, it falls on your shoulders to create those initial connections for students. In order for a student to even have the possibility to connect with others, you, as the teacher, are responsible for forming a relationship with another teacher of a classroom near or far. This is not an easy task – it is difficult to find a connection through internet chaos! However, with Kidblog being used in over 70 countries, a simple reach out via Twitter using #Kidblog, #comments4kids,  or including your Kidblog class URL should help jumpstart that process. Often tweeting @KidblogDotOrg can help expand your request (Psst – We like to retweet).

Kidblog’s Suggested Connections feature aids in expanding your students’ reach. Kidblog will suggest connections based on your class content. A new connection can be made by the simple click of a button! You may also opt to write a short message to the teacher of the following class to tell him or her a little more about yourself, your students, and your goal in blogging.

Whether you’re using blogging to virtually connect your physical classes or you want to go global  by connecting classrooms internationally, we guarantee you will be impressed by the work your students put into their writing online. Students are motivated when they read thoughtful comments from readers asking them further questions on their topic, acknowledging a common passion, or simply thanking them for publishing the post. Students are no longer completing an assignment; they are becoming authors by publishing work to be consumed by others.

So, take some time to watch this short webinar, created by a Kidblog teacher, on connecting your class with others down the hall, within your district, or around the world. And, if you have questions on how to find connections for your Kidblog class, ask them. Perhaps you will even find a class connection via the comments section of this post!




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Laura is a Kidblog Customer Success Manager. She enjoys connecting with teachers daily to share Kidblog stories, learn how they use Kidblog in their classroom, and hear unique feature ideas to better our platform. Laura loves strong morning coffee, an invigorating yoga flow, and exploring new cities around the world.

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