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Teach a creative writing project full of fun blogging activities. Download a complete unit plan by TechnoKids, free with Kidblog premium membership.

Kidblog is excited to partner with TechnoKids, a leading publisher of technology projects for teachers, to offer Kidblog members a complete blogging unit plan for free (a $40 value). This detailed unit plan is adaptable for elementary and middle school and includes:

  • Teacher Guide
  • Student Workbook
  • Customizable Resources
  • Assessment Tools
  • Extension Activities
  • Sample Files
  • Templates
  • Parent Letters
  • Certificates

TechnoBlog Sample 2


Learning Objectives

Create an authentic writing experience. Through a series of language arts activities students learn how to share an insight, provide advice, and express an opinion as responsible digital citizens.

  • Identify the topic, purpose, and audience for a blog
  • Plan and organize writing ideas for a blog post
  • Use first person narrative style in posts
  • Express an insight, advice, or opinion in posts
  • Write a post with a title, sections, tags, pictures
  • Revise posts to improve content and layout
  • Format posts effectively for easy reading
  • Exchange ideas using commenting etiquette
  • Be respectful of others and maintain privacy
  • Set blog properties and upload a profile picture


Session 1: Introduction to Blogging
Explore blogosphere. Set up a blogger profile and select a blogging topic.

Session 2: Become a Blogger
Learn the basics of blogging. Write a post about topic and insert a picture.

Session 3: Comment on Blog Posts
Discuss commenting guidelines. Read posts and reply to blogger.

Session 4: Personal Connection Post
Learn to blog responsibly. Write a post based on personal experience.

Session 5: Advice Post
Write a post that offers helpful advice. Format the post so it is easy to scan.

Session 6: Opinion Post
Learn to express a viewpoint respectfully. Write a post that states an opinion.

Optional Blogging Lessons and Teaching Ideas
Cartoon Avatar: Update profile picture.
Digital Citizenship and You: Be a digital citizen.
Create QR Code: Connect to your blog.
Inspiration from Blog Titles: 50 blog titles.
Be Opinionated: 40 questions to spark an idea.


Teacher Premium and Admin Pro members may download the unit plans from their Upgrades page.

About the Author
The Kidblog team is passionate about helping students find their voice within a safe, teacher-moderated environment.


  1. Donna

    Session 6: Opinion Post
    Learn to express a viewpoint respectively


    Also, I already have an account. Once I submit payment, will I still have access to that?


    • Kidblog


      Fixed the typo – thank you!

      Your upgraded membership provides access to any classes you’ve created in Kidblog over the years. They’ll be automatically migrated to the new platform.

  2. Kathy Carter

    Your unit looks interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Misty Wilkins

    This is very exciting!

  4. Karen

    Is this suitable for Kindergarten children?

    • Kidblog

      Yes, many Kindergarten students use Kidblog successfully. It’s a powerful way to show growth of literacy skills over time.

  5. Lisa Bowles

    I have the Admin Pro account and would love to use your unit, but I’m having troubling finding out how to access it.

    • Kidblog

      Lisa, the TechnoBlog lesson plans are available for download from the organization administrator’s Membership page. The unit can be freely duplicated and distributed within your school.

  6. Linda

    When I tried to open the downloaded lesson plans it requires a password. Mine did not work. Any ideas?

    • Kidblog


      For copyright protection, TechnoKids requires the TechnoBlog lessons be viewed using Adobe Reader DC or the Kami Chrome extension.

      Other PDF viewers may incorrectly prompt for a password. But the tools above will allow you to print any lesson files.

  7. Ann Marie

    I desperately need the wonderful lesson plans that you have offered. We have been subscribed to Teacher Premium for two years.
    I don’t see where I can download them.

    Please advise asap. as I have to start teaching blogs to classes next week.

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