From set-up to celebration: Blogging resources to get you through the year

Teachers often choose to jump-start the new year by introducing students and setting expectations. The best way to do this? As the first posts on your class blog! However, it can be intimidating to start something new (for both you, the teacher, and students). Check out these tips to launching a successful class blog. And, if you’re still not convinced to blog with your class, read how this new blogger’s perspective was changed over the initial weeks of classroom blogging.


Once students are comfortable publishing posts in the classroom, it’s time to move on to commenting. Thoughtful comments are extremely powerful. However, getting your students to shy away from replying with “I like your post” or “Great job” can be a difficult process. We suggest starting with moderated comments. Once students have grasped the idea of constructive commenting, allow them to publish freely. Who knows? You might even find a famous author will provide feedback to a student’s post!


Teachers often start blogging in the classroom as a way to connect their students with an audience. When students publish their work online for an audience they are able to find connections through the often chaotic school day. With teachers in over 70 countries using Kidblog, you have the potential to go global with your class blog – think modern day pen pals.


Remember, blogs aren’t just for the ELA classroom.  The ability to connect one subject to another is essential to authenticate the learning experience for students. Before you know it, students will be communicating about what they are learning in science and math!


As the year moves forward, be sure to take time to assess and celebrate your students’ growth. With Kidblog, it has never been easier to create digital portfolios for students to aid in assessing growth over time. Don’t forget to take time to share student victories – big or small!


Most importantly, don’t let your students’ hard work go to waste. Keep the blogging momentum going by showing your co-teachers the rich history of content your students have built upon over the year.

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