How Change Can Make Us Better- An Autumn-Inspired Blog Post

It’s the beginning of October, and we have settled in to another beautiful season, Fall! By now, our students have gotten to know each other better and are adjusting more and more to their schedules and the demands of a new school year. What better opportunity is there to introduce the idea of blogging to your class than this? If you are established bloggers, this kind of transdisciplinary activity is just the type of task that will set your students’ imaginations on explorer mode and bring forth ideas for writing.

Set the Stage

Have a micro-lesson with your students about the ideas of growth and change. Ask students to share their aspirations from when they were younger and to compare them to their present dreams for their futures. How have their goals changes and what explanation might they have for this? Do they believe goal-setting is important/worthwhile? Is change easy or difficult? Have they experienced events that changed the course of their plans? Be prepared with examples of your own to jump-start the discussion and don’t be afraid to use nature – it provides us with displays of growth and change constantly, if we pay attention. Lastly, save the key words and ideas that were shared during this 10-15-minute discussion as a class post on your Kidblog page to make available as a reference point for your students later in the process.

Go Exploring

It’s time for some legwork! If you have trees on your school grounds, plan to take your students outside for some exploring, writing, and photography.  Ask students to take photos of leaves, trees, grass, anything growing that is in transition from summer to fall. This will serve as their post’s banner and visual inspiration for their ideas about their own growth as people and about their goal-setting for the year. They will use their time outside to jot down ideas about why they believe goal setting might be important, what they want to accomplish this year and in the future and any plans they may have already put into place. Students are also encouraged to consider that not everything will go according to Plan A, and should understand that sometimes disappointment and restarting, changing, and ultimately, growing again is always necessary and natural, as we see in trees.

Get Writing

Back in the classroom, ask students to do a little research. Find a quote about growth, change, setting goals or a similar key term and place the text on top of the photograph they have taken for their photo banner. It’s now time to write their blog post. How will they plan to face the challenges in their future?

About the Author
Latife is an infinitely curious teacher. Raised and educated in Canada, she spent six years teaching internationally for IB World Schools in countries like Turkey before returning home to take up a post as IB Middle Years Programme Coordinator in her hometown and continues teaching Language and Literacy and well as Visual Arts. She loves to paint, travel, write in leather-bound, extra-secretive notebook, and take photographs. Currently, she is working on producing a film retelling the story of her parents’ immigration to Canada with the help of her Grade 9 Integrated Arts class. Latife lives with her husband and three-year old son Mert, who inspires her writing.

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