How to get Students Writing about the U.S. Election with FANschool


Do your students wonder why the Electoral College is used to elect the President of the United States? Is there a better way? The U.S. presidential election season is a perfect time to get students writing about how government affects our daily life.

FANschool—a learning platform with “fantasy sports” style games for school content and current events—helps gets students engaged.

In their recent article, FANschool shares how to turn students into fans of writing about current events.

I gave students a mission to brief the President about what was happening in their countries, called it a “White House Brief” instead of “homework,” and gave them a simple rubric to get points added to their teams rather than their grades.

This is how I learned to think about any writing assignment — start with purpose and help students form skills along the way!

Writing for self assessment, publishing short posts to focus on structure, and creating content that analyzes researched data, are just a few methods used by FANschool teachers to increase student engagement writing about current events.

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