Ideas Spread

We have been blogging nonstop since the beginning of school and the ideas for writing seem to be growing.  When a community writes together, ideas spread.

Madison loves to write stories.  She wanted a blog that would be dedicated to just story writing, so she asked me to create one called The Story Writing Club.  Here is her invitation:

This is a blog where you make your stories- nonfiction, fiction, or any genre. Chapter by chapter, or just a normal picture book.

Word, by word, by word, we are changing ourselves into authors. Word. By word. By. Word.

Think of your ideas as silk or cotton. Weave them together- make cloth. Now it’s time to put the cloth together to make a wonderful story.

I hope you enjoy making wonderful stories out of many ideas.

Because this blog is attached to our class account, my students can hop from our class blog over the Story Writing Club just by going to their own Dashboard.  Many students are accepting her invitation and writing stories.  

Ideas are spreading even around class writing assignments.  We were reading myths and analyzing them according to common elements.  I asked my students to write their own myths using at least one of the common elements.  Trace decided to create a story about Banana Man.  His idea spread to others who created other fruit-inspired characters.  

One Day in the bowl of the Microscopic Fruits was Banana and his father Banana Man. One day the two bananas went to the Microscopic Park and had a picnic with no fruits to eat because that would be cannibalism so they had vegetables.

One of the ways I encourage nonfiction reading and writing is by exploring Students read about something that interests them and write a post about it.  One day I noticed a post that said, “Quiz on How Birds Fly.” A student had decided on her own to make a quiz following her wonder post.  This idea spread to others and before I knew it, I was seeing more quizzes popping up on our blog site.

When ideas spread organically, I take a step back and shine a light.  Look at what your classmate is doing here.  Would you like to try it?  An open invitation to write what inspires you, what interests you, what delights you, be it fruit characters, fan fiction, or nonfiction quizzes.  We are all writers.  We are all learners.  Blogging helps us nurture and grow our learning community.

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Margaret Simon lives on the Bayou Teche in New Iberia, Louisiana. Margaret has a Masters degree in Gifted Education and certification by the National Boards for Professional Teaching Standards. She received the Donald Graves Award for teaching writing from NCTE in 2014. Her young readers novel, Blessen, was published by Border Press in April, 2012. She blogs regularly at

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