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Many teachers use Clever for a single login for all of their web-based services, including Kidblog. When teachers use Clever, their students can access all of their technology tools from a central dashboard. Clever delivers clean data, simple logins, and a connection to any student information system (SIS).

Clever has recently launched the “Library” where teachers can discover and adopt high-quality software for the classroom. Kidblog is proud to be a featured application. The Clever Library allows teachers to set up all of their class sections in Kidblog with a single click.

Ready to get started?  If your school or district doesn’t use Clever yet, just request a connection to Kidblog and your students will have immediate access.

If you’re already on Clever, just search “Kidblog” in the new Library tab at the top of the screen.

Install Kidblog to see how easy it is to get started publishing with your students.

About the Author
Grace is a Marketing Manager at Kidblog. She enjoys discovering new ways to ignite the world's passion for blogging, and hearing from teachers about all the ways students are benefiting from Kidblog in and outside the classroom! Grace loves teaching painting, photographing the beautiful state of MN, and snuggling her two cats Piper and Opal.


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    • Grace Carlson

      You’re most welcome! Have an awesome day.

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