Kidblog is now a Google Cloud Partner

Students, teachers, administrators, and parents now benefit even more from Kidblog’s integrations with Google G Suite for Education and Google Classroom. Kidblog is an official Google Cloud Partner within the Google for Education Integrated Solutions Initiative. Educators continue to trust Kidblog to provide expertise, credentials, and experience to help students succeed. Our current Google integrations include:

Google Single Sign-On

Kidblog users can sign up and log in to classes using Google single sign-on.


Google Drive

Easily share students’ work in Google Drive with the world! Embed Google Docs, Slides, Drawings, PDFs, audio and videos, all with the click of a button. As students continue to update their work in Google Drive, the content automatically updates within the Kidblog post, too.


Google Classroom

Teachers can assign and grade Google Classroom assignments seamlessly from their Kidblog class. Students can publish Kidblog posts and submit the link as an attachment to their Google Classroom coursework.

To get the most from Kidblog’s partnership with Google for Education, please reach out to our friendly staff for support or membership inquires.


About the Author
Laura is a Kidblog Customer Success Manager. She enjoys connecting with teachers daily to share Kidblog stories, learn how they use Kidblog in their classroom, and hear unique feature ideas to better our platform. Laura loves strong morning coffee, an invigorating yoga flow, and exploring new cities around the world.

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