Kidblog Podcast: Addressing Digital Security Topics in Middle to High School Classrooms

In this podcast, Dr. Karen Fiorillo gives advice on instructing middle and high school students on digital safety best practices by diving into digital security topics, scenarios to address said topics in the classroom, and why these conversations continue to be relevant and vital to discuss. Check below for time staps for important topic sections and stay tuned for a discount code!


What can we do? : 1:33



Addressing Controversial Topics: 4:34

Introducing topics such as trolling, catfishing (or cyberstalking), sexting, bullycide, and plagiarism/use of primary sources

Scenario #1:  Have your students watch and respond to a video or article using the class blog. Encourage students to comment on each others’ posts to build community. Use the class blog for students to post messages to the teacher privately if the content is uncomfortable to post publicly

Scenario#2: Allow “screenagers” to take ownership of the content by creating a controversial topic meme, and upload it as their avatar or use as their header in Kidblog. Use a free image editing program such as Pixler for this project.

Scenario #3:  Use role-play situations in the classroom to demonstrate how screenagers act in online situations

Scenario #4:  Host an assembly such as A Portrait in Apathy using students as actors

Scenario #5: Post online safety resources to for students to read, comment on, and discuss with their parents.

Scenario #6: Post valid and questionable websites in a blog post for students to explore.  Students will compose a post on why they think the sites are real or fake.



Student responses to learning about digital safety: 8:52

Karen discusses some actual responses from a 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th-grade students.

Link to the article “The Most Popular Apps for Teens



Concluding thoughts: 11:30

Karen discusses some results of discussing controversial topics with her students and some final ideas on creating a safe environment for her class.



How you can get started with blogging: 15:39

Discover how you can introduce blogging into your classroom today, and more membership info.


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