Kidblog Podcast: Cross curricular blogging

This is the second in our Kidblog Podcast Series where we will be exploring a variety of topics related to classroom blogging. This series will feature authentic opinions and experiences of some of our most successful Kidblog users. We created this specific podcast for any and all education professionals interested in learning more about implementing classroom blogging. Specifically, those searching for ideas on how to incorporate digital publishing across lessons, and cross-curricular initiatives to promote student engagement, creativity, and literacy.



About the Author
Grace is a Marketing Manager at Kidblog. She enjoys discovering new ways to ignite the world's passion for blogging, and hearing from teachers about all the ways students are benefiting from Kidblog in and outside the classroom! Grace loves teaching painting, photographing the beautiful state of MN, and snuggling her two cats Piper and Opal.

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