Kidblog Podcast: Students have a voice, who’s listening?

We teamed up with 5th-grade teacher Melissa Ramlow to create this podcast to bring you some best practices for promoting student voices. Melissa will first give you a little intro about her teaching experience, then she’ll go through some scenarios about how she promotes student voice through blogging and other methods, and conclude on why these practices continue to be relevant and beneficial to implement. I’ll wrap us up with some information about how you can get started with blogging.




Melissa Intro and her transition to becoming a 5th grade ESL Teacher.



Melissa discusses her student population diversity and district level.



Impact of Kidblog on her ESL students.



Field Trip to ISTE!



Empowering students, and how Melissa uses Kidblog.



A blend of student choice and assigned topics leading to engagement.



Trends in student growth throughout the year – and grading choices.



Discussing global and digital citizenship, choosing the audience, and moderation tools.



Commenting on evolution throughout the year, and connecting with their peers outside the classroom.



Students use their tech skills to better share their personality in their posts.



Results of sharing their voices through blogging for Melissa’s students.



A story about students sharing their voices during the last presidential election. “Colleagues told me they shouldn’t be talking about it, but I disagreed. They have fears, questions, and concerns that are completely valid, and they need to have an outlet to express those feelings.”



Melissa discusses specific fun ways she uses Kidblog with her students, and the ways in which students organize their thoughts as a result of blogging.



Students share their blogs with their families.



Final thoughts on how Kidblog has impacted her students.



Information about how you can get started with blogging, including a discount code!


You can find Melissa sharing her classroom activities on Twitter:

About the Author
Grace is a Marketing Manager at Kidblog. She enjoys discovering new ways to ignite the world's passion for blogging, and hearing from teachers about all the ways students are benefiting from Kidblog in and outside the classroom! Grace loves teaching painting, photographing the beautiful state of MN, and snuggling her two cats Piper and Opal.

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