Kidblog Spotlight On: Christa Elder

First and second grade teacher, Christa Elder, began using Kidblog in an effort to integrate more technology into the classroom. Six years later, she continues to use the platform to give students’ writing a meaningful purpose.

What motivated you to start blogging with your students?

CE: “We were always looking at ways to integrate technology into student learning in a valid and purposeful way. Blogging allowed the students to work with technology and also demonstrate what they have been learning in the classroom. We also love the communication between blogger and readers, using comments and replies to initiate online conversations. Students take their learning and share it with friends, family and other people from around the world.”

Do you have a favorite blogging ‘moment’?

CE: “There have been many wonderful moments when blogging with students but I do remember one in particular. As we studied the traffic map for our blogs one year, we had hoped for some “traffic dots” from across the ocean. Well the day we saw ” traffic dots” from across the ocean it created cheers from all of the students. I even heard one student say “This is SO exciting! I never thought I would be famous!”

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced with blogging in the classroom and how did you overcome this obstacle?

CE: “Working with technology presents a unique set of challenges, especially at this young age. Our biggest challenge tends to be teaching the students the process of logging in and actually blogging at the beginning of the year. We have to remind ourselves, each time, that it takes practice and that in a few weeks they will be logging in and sharing information without needing our help. It quickly becomes a task that they can accomplish independently.”

What do your students love most about Kidblog?

CE: “My students love being able to change the font of their blog posts! They love the variety of fonts available to them and are always looking for new and fun ones to try!”

What are some of your goals and aspirations as you continue to blog with your classes year-over-year?

CE: “I always want the students to take ownership of their learning, even in Grade One and Two. I want them to realize that they are authors, story tellers, and that people from all over the world can read what they are blogging about and that their voice matters. To me, that is a powerful message for young students to learn.”

Check out Christa’s students’ work here.

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