Kidblog Spotlight On: Kathleen Sokolowski

Inspired by Franki Sibberson, Kathleen started blogging with her third grade class three years ago. Her students have since become authors, excited to write online for an authentic audience (even over vacations, weekends, and summer break!).

What motivated you to start blogging with your students?

KS: I switched from kindergarten to third grade and was looking into ways to motivate my students to write while integrating technology. I read that Franki Sibberson blogged with her third graders and I was intrigued!

What has been the biggest surprise to you throughout your classroom blogging journey?

KS: I’ve been surprised by how influenced my student bloggers are by Youtubers and how that impacts their presentation. They are very visual and interested in creating the right header and background! The happiest surprise has been students who have blogged on vacations, evening, weekends and even all summer long! Students find their voice as bloggers.

Do you have a favorite blogging ‘moment’?

KS: One of my students this year blogged about being disappointed her family wasn’t going apple picking. Her dad read the post and realized how much it meant to her! He arranged for the family to go apple picking.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced with blogging in the classroom and how did you overcome this obstacle?

KS: Students often blog without proper conventions. I want them to have ownership over their blog so I struggle with how much, if at all, to correct their punctation and conventions. I want them to understand audience and the need to make their work as clear as possible for their readers.

What do your students love most about Kidblog?

KS: The students love receiving comments from their classmates and others!

What are some of your goals and aspirations as you continue to blog with your classes year-over-year?

KS: I would like to create a curriculum for blogging where I work on specific skills throughout the year. I would like to help my students incorporate more writer’s craft into their writing, elaborate, and be mindful of their audience. I would also like to help them develop more thoughtful comments.

Connect with Kathleen on Twitter @MrsSokolowski

You can see Kathleen’s students’ work here.

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