Kidblog Team at Minnebar 2013

The Kidblog team is fresh off our Saturday at Minnebar 8. This (un)conference represents the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship and is rumored to be the largest BarCamp in North America.  Our team has been growing steadily over the past 6 months and we brought everyone into Minneapolis for the weekend to attend this awesome event.

BarCamps are also the model for EdCamps, many of which Kidblog has recently sponsored: EdCamp SFBay, EdCamp Madison, Husky EdCamp (NE), EdCamp Howard-Winn (IA), Edcamp Omaha, EdCamp Houston, EdCamp Detroit, EdCamp Seacoast (NH), EdCamp KC, EdCamp CentralNebraska, and of course, EdCamp MSP.

Most of us were first-time Minnebar attendees. Nic McPhee, professor of computer science at the University of Minnesota, Morris and and world-renowned expert in evolutionary computation, brought a team of undergrads to the event – making a day trip with a 3-hour drive each way!  Matt Ronge, iOS ninja and all-around great guy, continued making friends with everyone he met, just like he did at the pre-party the night before. Ryan Peterson, AngularJS superhero, flew in from Pennsylvania for the week and made friends with some Rails developers. Brant Day, visual designer and UXpert, attended any and every user experience talk, and wants to do his own next year. Josh Broton, UI rockstar and micro-brew connoisseur, came to town from Sioux Falls and will add Minnebar to his already-lengthy list of events at which to present his world famous responsive design talk. Ted Cushman, long-locked Adonis and JVM/dev-ops/architect, quietly absorbed even more knowledge into his burgeoning brain.

For co-founders Matt Hardy and Dan Flies, this was our fourth event. Minnebar 5 in 2010 holds a special place in company lore as the place where Kidblog made its presence known to the Minneapolis tech scene. Just over 3 years and 3 million users later, Kidblog continues to set the standard for the fusion of technology and pedagogy.

Minnebar is a chance to connect with makers, doers, thinkers, and innovators from Silicon Valley to Silicon Prairie. We were proud to bring our own cadre of talented attendees into the mix.

As a final note, Kidblog is undergoing some BIG feature upgrades over the coming months. Stay tuned for pure awesomeness later this spring…

-The (Whole!) Kidblog Team


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