Kidblog’s New Platform

Kidblog is thrilled to announce that we’ll soon be rolling out major platform enhancements. It has admittedly been a while since we added significant new features. This is due in large part to our shift toward building the next generation Kidblog platform, and as such, this new release is more than a mere “update” of the existing system. Based on feedback from teachers, students, and families, our development team has spent the past year redesigning our publishing interface to be even more flexible, customizable, stable, and secure.

We continue to focus on providing K-12 teachers with a safe, simple platform to allow students to share their voice with a broader audience. At the same time, we help teachers moderate the myriad conversations that arise out of students’ publishing efforts. With Kidblog, students are motivated by ownership over their content, and teachers are empowered to control the audience for students’ work. Our new platform is designed around four key components of the student blogging ecosystem: privacy, process, audience, and moderation. We’ll provide a more thorough look at each of these elements in future articles, but here’s a preview of the new features & benefits.



We recognize the unique privacy requirements of a school environment. With Kidblog, teachers can fine tune their privacy settings to allow or deny visitors access to student content. Teachers also determine which posts and comments require their approval prior to publishing.




Once teachers set privacy options for the class, students can embark on the writing process. Our new publishing interface is designed with the pedagogy of writing at the forefront, allowing students to manage the flow from Draft (getting started), to Review (revising & editing), to Published (ready for others to read). Teachers can use these labels in a way that fits their own logistical structure for organizing students’ writing, from their idea notebook to the final product. Students can use our new Post Styles to customize the background and headers of individual posts – not just their overall blog theme.




Every author needs to think about the purpose and audience for their writing. When publishing a post, students indicate the audience they’d like the post to have. Based on privacy settings, a teacher may need to approve this choice. In this way, students actively think about the reader as part of the writing process.




Once a post or comment is published, it appears in a more visually-appealing blog feed, highlighting thumbnail images and media. The previous version of Kidblog required the teacher or author to use the “Control Panel” to edit and manage content. Now, posts and comments are presented in a single, unified stream driven by advanced filters. There is no longer a need to navigate to a disparate “backend” page to find content.



We are excited to invite users to preview the new Kidblog platform. Teachers can see a message at the top of their control panel that allows you to be one of the first to gain access to the new system.  We’ll be sending out invitations over the coming days and weeks. As always, and because there are so many new features, please make sure to let us know if you encounter any unexpected issues or if you have feature requests. Happy blogging!

-The Kidblog Team

About the Author
The Kidblog team is passionate about helping students find their voice within a safe, teacher-moderated environment.


  1. Máire O'Keeffe

    Hi all
    The New Kidblog platform looks fantastic. I have one query – This is my third year using kidblog and I had only just discovered the “pin this to the front page” feature which I absolutely love however I can’t seem to find this feature in the new platform. I will keep looking but would appreciate any tips as to where it might be
    Many thanks

    • Kidblog


      Thank you for your question. We’ll be adding the “pinned” posts back soon. We’re still adding final touches as users explore the new system and provide feedback.

      • Julie S

        Thanks! I really miss this function, too!

      • Ian

        I love the new platform but miss two features:
        – pinning posts (or “sticky post”) feature and
        – email notification of posts

        Both of these were my go-to features that I am REALLY missing!

      • Kidblog


        Email notifications are back (see “bell” icon at the top of a class you’re a member of). And pinned posts are on the way. Thank you for your patience.

      • Nathan S

        It’s part of our school’s policy we have a particular pinned post. Really would love to see this function back!

      • Kidblog

        It’s back!

      • Sarah

        I am also excited about the pin feature.
        1. Can students receive email notifications, i.e., when I write feedback or students comment, is there a feature on a student’s setting to receive email notifications?
        2. It seems like when writing a new post, kidblog no longer automatically saves a post as students type. Now they must hit safe draft, review, or publish, yes? I loved that it automatically saved in the past because students could quickly find their draft if they “thought” they lost it.
        3. There was also a feature that would allow me to write posts and choose the publishing/public date? I don’t see that. In the past, I would write a few days worth of prompts and “schedule” them. I don’t see that feature on this new platform.

      • Kidblog

        Sarah, thank you for your questions.

        1) Students can now receive notifications if they have a verified email address. This was a frequently requested feature that we’ve improved in the new platform.
        2) We auto-save all posts as students type. If the device loses its connection or the browser crashes, next time they log in and open the post it will be there. We do recommend saving drafts occasionally, but have you covered if something unexpected happens.
        3) Scheduling posts is a feature that will be returning. At the moment we’re focused on building features to enable students to create and share content. This handy teacher feature will be back soon.

  2. Sam Peil

    When is this going to be released? I requested an invitation days ago but haven’t received the e-mail. (I have been watching my junk mail folder as well.)

    Thank you!

    • Kidblog

      Thank you for requesting an invitation. We are anticipating invites being sent within 1-2 weeks of the initial request. We’re making sure everything is working smoothly as we gradually invite teachers to use the new features.

  3. Lauren

    My students are just loving KidBlog. I teach small groups for 15 days and then I move onto the next school. KidBlog has allowed me to really get to know my students in a way I wasn’t able to at my other schools.

    One feature I would love to see is having a joint authorship that way students working in groups can make one post that is on both accounts but maybe only shows up once on the main page.

    • Kidblog

      Thank you for your feature suggestion. We use feedback from teachers to prioritize development, and this has been a popular request. We hope to provide it in the future.

  4. Michelle Boyce

    Just wondering if any consideration was given to the idea of adding teacher contact info to a link for teachers to be able to contact other teachers. Like adding a twitter handle or link that would attach to an email etc…
    so if privacy is an issue it would be a hidden contact. 🙂

    • Kidblog

      We’re adding new features that allow teachers to more easily connect with each other. Stay tuned for updates in this regard.

  5. Matt Smeller

    I am excited about the new privacy and moderation enhancements. Keep up the great work! My students are really enjoying KidBlog

    • Kidblog

      Thanks Matt! We’re also excited about the flexibility that these new privacy controls provide.

  6. Joyce McLean-Seely

    We are just getting started with Kidblog. It looks like some great features are being added. Can’t wait to try out the additions.

  7. Lee Kolbert

    As one of your early adopters, I’m so excited to see how you’ve grown this service while sticking to your core principles. You have raised the bar for startups trying to get into this space. Great job, guys!!

  8. Debra

    These features look great and I love how they align with the writing workshop process! Will these features be available for both free and premium users or just premium?

    • Kidblog


      Thank you for your question – yes, all users will have access to the publishing, privacy, and moderation features described here. Enjoy!

  9. Wesley Fryer

    These updates look and sound great! I’ve been using KidBlog with my 600 fourth and fifth grade STEM students in Yukon, Oklahoma, the past two years, and all of these changes look really superb.

    What are the media storage limits going to be for the free versus the premium accounts?

    I noticed one of my older KidBlog sites has been “deactivated.” Is there a way I can export that content to archive offline in another WordPress site, or get the site re-activated but in a locked/dormant state so it’s still online for reference?



    • Kidblog


      Thank you for your comments – we’re pleased to hear you’re excited about the new features.

      We recently deactivated some older classes to prevent server issues on our end. No data has been lost and we can assist you via

      Moving forward, students will each have 10 MB default upload storage (which, on average, is more than the original 100MB per class for a group of 30+ students). Note that we also improved audio and video uploads, encoding and embedding directly into the post (not just a download link).

  10. Billy


    Where can I request an invite to explore the new platform?


    • Kidblog


      You can add your name to the invitation queue via the Dashboard in your Kidblog control panel. Thanks for your interest!

  11. Tatyana

    This is my second year using “Kidblog”. My 4graders like to do their homework in the blog. Thaks a lot

  12. Mrs.Z

    Just curious if the new platform will change the interface of the iPad app at all? If so I would hold off on migrating my class until the fall when I have new students.
    Also wondering if an android app is in the works?

    • Kidblog

      Mrs. Z, thank you for your question.

      The new Kidblog platform (version 4) replaces the legacy iOS native app with a more mobile-friendly experience across all devices – including Android. As such, students should access the Kidblog “app” directly via mobile browser (e.g. Chrome or Safari).

      See for details.

  13. E Fresse

    Where is the word count? My students are all going crazy – word count is a huge part of their assignment and it no longer shows there at the bottom. Please put it back?!? Thanks!

    • Kidblog

      E Fresse,

      Word Count is back! This tool did not make the cut for early platform invitations. But we heard loud and clear that teachers and students use this important feature to gauge the completeness of writing, and to align with specific word-count goals like the 100-Word Challenge. Word Count is now visible at the bottom of the post editor where it had been previously.

  14. Bianca Hewes

    Hi guys,
    I’m using kidblog with another teacher this year, to allow our classes to collaborate and share their blogs. Is it possible to add another teacher account, so my colleague has her own separate log-in and display name? Thanks!

  15. Pamela Bodo

    I requested an invite to the new platform well before winter break (Christmas) and still have not received one as of 2/17/15. I’m trying to get stated blogging with several distant classrooms and have been waiting. What’s up?

    • Kidblog


      Thank you for inquiring about the invitation status. Our invites will start flowing more rapidly in the near future. If you’re on the list, you’ll be one of the first to get the invitation. Thank you for your patience – it will be worth the wait.

  16. Kimi

    How do students change their theme?

    • Kidblog


      The new Kidblog provides even greater flexibility for students to customize their posts. Rather than a single, monolithic blog theme, each post can be styled individually using the options at the bottom of the post editor. Students can choose colors, backgrounds, and headers to help the design of their post more closely match the content therein.

  17. jenn

    I used to be able to turn off the comments on individual posts when I no longer wanted the students to respond to specific posts. This use to be done in the edit section. How can I turn off the comments in the new platform? Thank you!

  18. Jennifer Warner

    We’d like to update some of our past posts with the new header picture, but if we do, the posts will have a new ‘published’ date and be out of chronological order. How do we revise a post without making it new again? Thanks so much for all your work. We love the new Kidblog look!

  19. Brandi Olmstead

    Last year I had a wonderful time using Kidblog to document our students Design Thinking Challenge. It was user friendly and I was wondering if you think this would be a good platform for my students to use as their student portfolios? Can their blog roll over year to year? I am searching for a digital way for my elementary students to keep track of their leadership notebooks and their challenges. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!!

  20. Mike

    Good evening,

    I noticed this week that you’re porting all blogs over to the new format in the middle of July. I’m testing out the new view now and I’m really concerned that I cannot see a list of recent posts. Is this there?

    I’m concerned because my blogs comprise approximately 20 classes at 3 different schools. The main blog blasts the posts out to individual blogs so students can comment, discuss, and ask questions. However, I need a really easy way to monitor posts so I can quickly respond. The recent posts page seems to be the best way to do this.

    Thank you.

    • Kidblog


      Thank you for your question. The Posts tab serves the same purpose as the previous “recent posts” list. We’ve also added a new Comments tab which acts like “recent comments.” Kidblog makes it easy for teachers to manage multiple classes, and link those classes as connections for more sophisticated sharing/audience options.

  21. Mary Gregorini

    I am very frustrated with the change in platform. I had a few students upload blogs before the change, I approved them, and now they appear to be lost. Please advise me as to my mistake. Was it an improper merge? Also, my students had set their passwords at the end of the school year for the summer, but now I am getting a deluge of emails asking me to help them because their passwords no longer work. I like the new format but at this early stage am very confused and frustrated.

    I appreciate any help you can give at this time.

    Oh, and also, I was trying to upload an image from my library for a widget and it wouldn’t insert (post). Help!!!

    • Kidblog


      Thank you for your questions. We replied via support ticket but wanted to reply here as well to document the conversation for others.

      No content will be lost during a migration, but in rare cases a post may not get copied correctly. We can always re-migrate the class via support ticket to ensure all posts are transitioned.

      Students should log in with their existing passwords via your class URL. The “global” login page at only works if students have an email address. Those are optional at Kidblog, so they should use the class login list at your class URL.

      We understand frustration about some of the new layout. That the new platform’s interface is indeed very different. This is by design, and we apologize that there’s a bit of a learning curve for users who grew adept at using the legacy platform. Know that our goal is to ensure your capabilities are maintained, even if the location or layout of features is different.

      These articles can help acquaint you with some of the enhanced features of the new platform:

  22. Maggie


    I can’t seem to find how to enable a registration code anymore. Any help would be much appreciated?

    Thank you.

    • Kidblog

      You can find registration/join-codes under the Users setting page for a class. Provide the students with the code and your class URL. They click “Join” at the top of the page and can create an account or log in with an existing Kidblog user account to keep adding to their portfolio.

  23. Leslie Hughes

    In the older platform, we were able to upload powerpoint presentations and videos with the “add media” option. I’m not finding ways to upload anything except photos and google drive docs. Am I overlooking it, or has this function not carried over to the new platform? Please help! This is a great tool for my blogging third graders!

    • Kidblog


      Thank you for your question. You can upload media items in the new platform just as you always could. We have even better support for video and audio files, transcoding them into a format playable on any device. In other words, the media experience is even more seamless than before. The Media Manager and post editor have the option to choose files from your device to upload.

  24. Jen

    I am having a hard time figuring out the new privacy settings. I would like for students to have to get approval from me before they can post anything. How can I accomplish this?

  25. Shailja

    I have been using kidblog fore more than 3 years. i am loving the new interface, however facing difficulty in adding more teachers to this year’s class.
    Please help

    • Kidblog


      You can add multiple Teacher Premium users to a class via join-code. Contact with any issues or questions.

  26. Andy Stark

    The school year has started for us, and we’re still waiting on the sticky notes, unless I’m missing them somewhere. When will these be added? Thanks.

    • Kidblog

      Andy, teachers can now pin posts to the top of the class URL when saving the post. Click the checkbox for “Pin this post?” and it will always appear above other posts in the list.

  27. Alexis S

    My Year 7s have been using Kidblog and we love the updates but some of my students are not able to ‘publish’ – the blue publish tab stays grey and will not allow them to post. Suggestions? Thanks

    • Kidblog

      The save buttons will not be enabled until a title and content are present. This helps prevent blank content from cluttering your post feed.

  28. Melissa

    I have the privacy set on public, but when you first go to view our blogs a message pops up saying you must log in. How do I get rid of this? I don’t want anybody to have to log on to read our posts?

    • Kidblog

      Each post has its own audience. And changing the privacy settings to allow students to publish for a Public audience won’t retroactively update previous posts. You can change the audience in bulk by switching to the “List” view of posts at the upper right of the post feed. Then check the posts you want to change, and click “Edit”. Change the audience to “Public” and those posts will not require a login to be viewed.

  29. Janet Tibbits

    My colleagues have used kidblog with their ipads, uploading photos directly. With the new platform all their photos are rotated. Any suggestions?

    • Kidblog

      This rotation issue can occur when the iPad is facing down, parallel to the floor. If the device can be held more vertically, the iPad’s rotation sensor will “know” which way the picture should appear.

  30. Ellen

    I love the look of the new page, but am still getting used to the set up.
    This is my third academic year using Kidblog. In past years, previous comments were automatically deleted at the start of the school year. This has not happened this year. Is this something new? If so, how can I do a mass-delete of last year’s posts?

    • Kidblog

      We highly encourage archiving a class instead of deleting posts. This allows you to start fresh for the coming school year while maintaining a record of publishing activity from last years students. You can archive a class so via the “…” menu button on your Dashboard.

      • Jane Allison

        This is onerous when I have 10 classes. It means I have to set up all new classes for the same set of teachers. Isn’t there a way to delete the posts from last year? I managed to delete the comments.

      • Kidblog


        Managing multiple classes efficiently is one of the key features of Kidblog. Individual teachers can create and archive classes from the redesigned Dashboard. See this article for more information. Administrators in an organization with an Admin Pro membership can manage classes from their organization-wide settings pages.

  31. Debra

    I am the technology facilitator for K-5 classrooms. We have used kidblog in many of our classrooms and are trying to get used to the new platform and features. Specifically, we want families to be able to view and comment on posts without having to log in. While we are able to see the posts, and how many comments there are, we cannot seem to be able to add comments unless we are logged in. Please help.

  32. Maureen

    We love using KidBlog with our littlest writers (first grade) and it is so simple to use. With the newer version (we used the old one last year) students are having a hard time accessing their drafts. The last version was very easy for kids, but this one is not. Can you shed some light?

    • Kidblog


      Thank you for your question. The new platform unifies the previous “backend” pages so students can create and manage all posts from a single location at your class URL. Please see this Help Center article for more information on filtering posts by type (e.g. Draft).

  33. Seema Sharma

    I am using Kidblog and loving it. I have a question though. I have an inclusion class and other teachers help me make instruction accessible to all my students. I don’t know how to add another teacher to view my students’ responses. Is there a way that would enable me to add another teacher to my account to view responses?

    • Kidblog

      Teachers can add additional teachers to a class by providing a join-code from the Settings->Users page.

  34. Alicia

    When purchasing a Kidblog premium account, if I want to give another teacher access to my class, say their GT pullout teacher, will she also have to purchase an account? Or does my payment cover her access to the class?

    • Kidblog


      All co-teachers with a “Teacher” role will need an Teacher Premium membership. But you can establish a “Moderator” role for other colleagues working with your students under a single Teacher Premium membership. If your school or district purchases an Admin Pro site license, the cost is per-student with unlimited teachers across the organization. Email with any questions.

  35. John

    How can you delete old tags on a blog?

    • Kidblog

      Tags may be removed from your class by removing them from within the posts they originate. Begin by filtering your class homepage by a specific tag. From there, click in to edit the posts and remove the tag from all posts in which it exists. By doing this, the tag will be removed from your class entirely.

  36. Emily Lackey

    Is there a way to organize blogs into folders? If so can you explain? If not, this would be a great feature to add for organizational purposes in the classroom.

  37. Sabrina

    I’ve used other platforms for blogging in the past, but Colleagues have convinced me to try kidblog with my 12th graders. Is there a simple intro to student set up to share with them? Short of creating a dummy account to walk through the steps on my own, I’m having trouble figuring out whether they each get a unique join code after using the link to get to the class or whether one join code is used repeatedly for the whole class.

    • Kidblog


      You will only need to use one join-code for all students in your class. Once the join-code has been entered by the student from your class page, they will be prompted to create an account. For this, we suggest each student uses a different password.

      For more information on adding students to your class as well as other getting started materials, see our articles here:

  38. Jean Randall

    I am a computer teacher that has multiple classes. When I write a post, I want the same post to go to post for all my classes. I can do that, but the comments from each class are seen by all the classes. How do I get the post to be the same for each class but the comments of the students of a particular class to only be seen by the students in that class? Hope that makes sense. Right now, it is as if I have 1 post and all the comments from all the classes are being seen.

    • Kidblog

      Publishing a post to multiple classes is an advanced feature, which doesn’t create multiple distinct copies of a post. It makes the same post available to different classes. And there is a single discussion underneath this single post. This allows a student’s content to be shared for multiple audiences. For example, a student’s post on the history of Frida Kahlo could be posted to an art class and a history class.

      If a teacher does prefer that a comment from another class does not appear via a particular class view, they can “hide” the comment. If the goal is to have the same content copied multiple times, with completely separate discussion threads, you will need to copy the same content and post to each class individually.

      • Spencer


        I have also been looking for a way to do this. In the old platform you could “broadcast” posts to all or any of your other classes and have separate discussion threads on each. Now it seems that the only way to post to multiple classes is with Post Audience which leads to the problem Jean has noted above.

        Is there any chance that the “broadcast” function could make a reappearance or are we stuck with multiple copy, paste, upload etc… Aside from this I am loving the new platform.

        Keep up the good work!

  39. Tjandra

    I want to upload a power point presentation file.
    How can I do that?
    Do I choose the upload button which takes me to media library and choose the file from my Google Drive account?
    Would you please?

    • Kidblog

      Yes – you may upload a Power Point presentation from your computer using the “Upload” button in the text editor. This will create a link in your post to download the presentation.

      You may also embed the file directly into your post from Google Drive. This is done using the “Drive” button located in the text editor’s toolbar.

  40. Sue Maloney

    I’m pleased to report that I’m (finally) getting comfortable with the new platform, and my students are really enjoying it.
    We’re wondering if there are plans or a possibility that you will add a ‘like’ button for posts and comments.

    • Kidblog

      Hi Sue,

      We are so pleased to hear your students are loving the new platform. Additionally, thank you for sending us your idea for a “like” button on comments. While we do not currently have this on a future feature list, we use feedback from our members to prioritize feature development. So questions and comments like yours are greatly appreciated, and may be incorporated into the new platform in the future. Thanks again!

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    And obviously, thanks on your sweat!

  42. Kim

    What does the Lock Account feature do?I want to make some accounts not visible, but do not want to delete. Will this accomplish my goals?

    • Kidblog


      Locking an account prevents future logins for a user, but does not delete the account or any content. A teacher may find this feature useful if a student needs to be restricted from accessing their account temporarily. Locked accounts still exist, so if you want a user hidden from a class list of members, you can edit the Members widget for the class and decide which accounts to show and hide.

  43. Leslie

    How do you stop parent access? On the kids blog page, they can invite their parents to read the blog? Can I control this?

    • Kidblog


      Thank you for your question. Parents can be invited to view a student’s portfolio (to view the student’s individual post history) but this does *not* grant them access to any other students’ posts published in a class. The teacher would need to provide a Guest join-code for parents to see additional posts. Those posts would also need to be published for “Connections” for parents to see them. Posts published for just the Teacher or Class-Members will not be visible to Guests.

      This dual role – Parent of a student, Guest in a class – allows teachers to provide flexible access to parents as appropriate, while always granting parents visibility into their own child’s publishing efforts.

      See this article for more information on Parent accounts at Kidblog:

      Parent Accounts

  44. Lucy


    Is there any way for the names of students not to be seen at all without being logged in?



    • Kidblog

      Hi Lucy,

      Thank you for your question. To ensure full student names are not seen by public users, we suggest changing student display names to only first name, last initial. You may also hide the ‘Class Members’ list in the sidebar from your class settings.

      Hope this helps!

  45. Jean Randall

    I am the moderator of each of my computer class’ Kidblogs.If I do not like a post that a student publishes, can I delete the post OR does it just “stay out there” unapproved?

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  47. Annemarie


    I just started using kidblog and have a couple of questions.

    1. Where can I go to ask questions about features? (I happened to stumble upon this from a google search and know there must be an easier way to find support from my homepage.)

    2. How can I find indiv. students’ passwords? I created theirs to begin with and now I can’t locate it. Where can I access their passwords? Especially for in the future when they forget. Edmodo has it in “managing members”.

    Thank you!

    • Kidblog

      Hi Annemarie,

      Welcome to Kidblog! We will be happy to help answer your questions:

      1. You can contact our customer support with questions and concerns at You may find an answer to your questions with a quick search in the help center.

      2. For security reasons, we do not list individual student’s passwords in the system. If you have forgotten student passwords, or the students need to reset their passwords, you can do so under the Users page of the site. Navigate to Settings => Users and then click the “Edit” button by a student’s name to change and save a new password.

      Students can manage their passwords from the profile page of their accounts.

  48. Heather

    Help. I’ve created my blog, but no one can comment on it. How do I change that? Is there a join code somewhere? Thanks so much.

    • Kidblog

      Hi Heather,

      Who is allowed to comment on your blog is determined by your privacy settings. If you would like guests in your class to have the ability to comment, ensure your comment privacy reflects that permission. To allow public users to comment on your blog posts, the toggle bar in privacy should be blue across all audiences.

  49. Wallace Hall

    How do I mass delete old posts from former students

  50. Marquies

    I love it

  51. Jo Stanway

    Kia Ora,
    I am trying to comment on a blog from the USA, we’re in NZ. I don’t use the platform Kidblog and don’t have a log in I am wondering if you can help me to be able to make a comment on these blogs. The box where the comment should be is blank. I have emailed the owner of the blogs and he can’t figure it out either, we want to be able to comment on their class work like ‘penfriends’ any suggestions please.

    • Kidblog


      Guests without a Kidblog account can comment on posts as long as the teacher has allowed “Public” comments from their class settings page. Feel free to email with any additional questions.

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