Lessons in Social Media: 10 Digitally Enlightening Educators To Follow on Twitter

Time to saddle up for a new school year! We’ve compiled a list of 10 influential educators to follow on Twitter to help keep your tweet-stream a-flowin’ with great content and lively conversation. Enjoy.

@teachercast | TeacherCast

Jeff Bradbury, founder of TeacherCast, is one of the rising stars in the Twitterverse. He runs a series of prolific education technology blogs, including his amazing TeacherCast Podcast. Jeff is one of the best interviewers out there, getting past the hype and providing practical content that teachers can actually use in the classroom.


@KleinErin | Erin Klein

Erin is one of the most energetic and plugged-in teachers you’ll meet on Twitter – or in person (as we did at ISTE 2012 in San Diego in June). Her blog, Kleinspiration, is a wealth of information from a pedagocial and personal perspective. Follow this visionary educator!


@CoolCatTeacher | Vicki Davis

Vicki is featured on oodles of must-follow lists dedicated to teachers and education. She’s got sass, is fabulously plugged-in, engaging, and shares great resources on an admirably consistent basis. She also keeps an educational blog aimed at teaching students with new tools and unwavering enthusiasm. Her Twitter bio says the rest: “Best teacher blog award winner, co-founder- Flat Classroom Projects, Conference, Digiteen, NetGenEd, known as the Wikinator by my students, author.”


@NMHS_ Principal | Eric Sheninger

Eric is a supreme advocate of social media, whether he’s speaking to a room of attendees at digital conferences or an auditorium of his very own students. This Northern New Jersey High School Principal also happens to be a Google Certified Teacher, Adobe Education Leader, and syndicator of awesome articles and advice on bring social media technologies into the classroom. Follow him for quality resources and spirited conversation!


@ccassinelli | Colette Cassinelli

Colette is a social-savvy 9-12 private school Teacher-Librarian, plus Multimedia teacher in the Portland OR. In addition to being a Google Certified Teacher, she’s also a true-blue technology evangelist. In addition to tweeting valuable tech-edu resources for her close-knit followers, she blogs on EdTechVision.org and even posts comprehensive coverage from industry conferences! Colette is must-follow for high engagement and a wealth of topical content.


@kjarrett | Kevin Jarrett

Kevin is credited with putting Kidblog on the map with his awesome product review back in January 2010. He’s a member of the Google Certified bunch, teaching K-4 students technology by leveraging social media in education. He’s a self-described lifelong learner and relentless optimist, and somewhere in between he finds time to be an avid blogger and workshop leader! Follow Kevin’s tweets for enthusiastic conversation, support, and of course, fantastic resources for the teaching community.


@lizbdavis | Liz Bleich Davis

Liz knows what’s up! This Massachusetts-based teacher “strongly believes in the power of technology,” and lucky for us – her passion strongly impacts the nature of her daily tweets! As the Director of Academic Tech at Independent School outside of Boston, she brings some serious insight to the table. Check out her blog, The Power of Educational Technology, for additional goodies. Liz is follow-worthy for sure!


@TeachaKidd | Lee Kolbert

Lee is super generous with the educational content she shares, on Twitter and in real life. Her social feed is a constant stream of top-notch articles, advice, and infectious humor. Lee is was an early Kidblog adopter and created one of the first YouTube videos to feature Kidblog.


@AngelaMaiers | Angela Maiers

Angela’s passionate about literacy, learning, and power of social media. Sound like your cup of tea? Then you’ll love her tweets, as well as her blog, rich with thoughtful advice, resources, and chatter all about social media in an educational atmosphere. Her Twitter bio really says it all: “I believe these 2words can change the world – #YouMatter…” and that’s more than just a saying – it’s a manifesto! Read more about her #YouMatter mission.


@WeAreTeachers | We Are Teachers

Less of a person to follow, and more of an unbelievably awesome resource for topical articles and content perfect for fellow teachers! We’re not quite sure who’s the face behind @WeAreTeachers, but one thing’s for sure – they are super knowledgeable and devoted to hunting down and sharing content with the teaching community. We Are Teachers even has an active, influential presence on Pinterest, the snappy social bookmarking darling, with nearly 2k followers! Follow them, and enjoy!

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