Notifications about class publishing activity

In addition to email notifications, students and teachers are now able to receive notifications directly from their Kidblog dashboard.

When post and/or comment notifications are enabled, students will be informed when classmates publish posts, as well as when others leave comments on their published posts.

Teachers will receive notifications on new posts published to the class, as well as posts awaiting their approval. Additionally, you may opt in to receive notifications for all new comments submitted.

Notifications may be enabled via your individual Kidblog class(es). Simply click the “bell” icon by the “Settings” link on your class page:

As a bonus, notifications allow you to navigate efficiently between posts and comments where activity is occurring – even across different classes. It’s perfect for middle school teachers who manage multiple class sections. You and your students will see increased engagement as your community of authors interact with their audience.

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Laura is a Kidblog Customer Success Manager. She enjoys connecting with teachers daily to share Kidblog stories, learn how they use Kidblog in their classroom, and hear unique feature ideas to better our platform. Laura loves strong morning coffee, an invigorating yoga flow, and exploring new cities around the world.

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