Russ Goerend & His 6th Graders: In The Classroom With Kidblog! Part 1 of 2

The following is one of a  series of guest posts written by real teachers across America who embrace Kidblog in their classrooms. We’re excited to showcase their stories of dedication and success right here for you readers at home.

Welcome, Kidblog fans, to another installment of our inspiring interview series! Kidblog’s Matt Hardy has been hosting candid Q&As with teachers across the country to learn more about how they’re incorporating technology in their everyday classroom curriculum. This week, Matt had a chat with 6th grade Language Arts teacher Russ Goerend from Waukee Middle School in Iowa.

During the interview, Russ shared a bit on how he is collaborating with other teachers to make the writing process more effective for teachers and students, and how blogs are a big part of that success.

Russ had a ton of awesome stuff to share, so we split his interview up into 5 parts you can watch at your leisure. Enjoy videos 1 through 3 today– the remaining segments will be available later this week!

You can find Russ on Twitter at @russgoerend or check out his website.

About the Author
The Kidblog team is passionate about helping students find their voice within a safe, teacher-moderated environment.


  1. Sherri Klennert

    I am brand new to teaching Middle School Technology this year and have been looking for ideas on how to incorporate blogging into the classroom. The video series with Russ Goerend and His 6th Graders has given me lots of ideas to think about. My students will enjoy having their voice heard their work shared. Thank you for sharing the videos.

    • kidblog

      You’re very welcome – thank you for your comment and Happy Blogging!

  2. CoronadoSchools

    It is always exciting to see new ways that teachers are leveraging technology to engage with their students. Microblogging, for example, allows a teacher to provide a modern environment that kids are excited about, but where they can also broaden their creative writing capabilities. I love it!

    Thank you for providing this resource.

  3. Nancy Grosshans

    I am new to this and was wondering if my 6th graders can do a book report on kid blog?

    • Kidblog


      Absolutely – The reader can provide a reflection or summary and create a discussion thread on the comments section. This is also a great way for students to recommend books to their peers.

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