Russ Goerend & His 6th Graders: In The Classroom With Kidblog! Part 2 of 2

The following is one of a  series of guest posts written by real teachers across America who embrace Kidblog in their classrooms. We’re excited to showcase their stories of dedication and success right here for you readers at home.

Welcome Back! It is time for the final interview videos with 6th grade teacher Russ Goerend of Waukee Iowa.  If you missed the first blog post featuring the beginning of the interview watch that here!

In this segment, Russ and Matt continue to talk about how blogging has been a big success with the writing process in his classroom. Thanks for watching, we hope you enjoy and gather some nice takeaways and inspiration. 🙂

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The Kidblog team is passionate about helping students find their voice within a safe, teacher-moderated environment.

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