STEM Careers…in Blogging?


As the need for STEM professions increase, it is important for teachers to provide opportunities for students to be exposed to different professional experiences.  What better way to do that than through hiring some ‘assistant bloggers’ for the classroom!

All students with whom I work were provided with an opportunity to apply for an ‘assistant blogger’ position in our STEM classroom.  Two students completed the application, obtained a letter of reference, and were granted an interview.  As Anya and Emily arrived for their interviews, they were both finely dressed and one of them even created business cards.  To their delight, they were hired to help assist in the use of the blog in our STEM class.

Their first task was to design a lesson that incorporated Kidblog and the work we were doing as part of a STEM competition.  The two girls met over their lunch periods, designed a lesson, and then were tasked with teaching it to their peers.  Though they were both nervous, they did phenomenally well!  Below you will find a summary of the experience written by none other than the assistant bloggers themselves:  Anya and Emily.

In STEM class we did a presentation on what to do and some tips on how to do it. In STEM we are in a program right now called Ecybermission. Basically, the kids are doing a project on something that could benefit the community concerning health. We had the kids type or copy what they had in their Ecybermission team collaboration. Team collaboration is a section online that the kids have to write or copy and paste what they wrote into a new post on kidblog.

In order to get lots of feedback each person had to comment on each team’s, team collaboration. They commented by saying “I like how they divided the jobs up,” and by saying, “I think that you guys need to explain each others job in the Team Collaboration.” One challenge we had was that kids would not post a full two sentences, that was hard because then we could not approve them and they would have to start over on everyone that they messed up on. A few things that went well is that a lot of people did do what we asked them. Another thing that went well is when people asked questions.

By providing students opportunities to truly experience what it is like to have a career, you help open up the door to brighter futures for all involved!

About the Author
Bill has spent the past 20 years teaching in England, Michigan, and Colorado. He has taught in 1st through 6th grades and is currently teaching STEM to 6th graders at Holland Public Schools. He has a Masters in Integrated Natural Sciences from Colorado College and is Nationally Board Certified in Early Adolescent Mathematics.

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  1. Coaching Classes

    First of all i would like to appreciate you because you are giving chances to bright students like Anya and Emily.

    I think when students will get opportunities like this then they will do something better and unique.

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