The Internship

Professor of Computer Science at U of M, Morris and Kidblog Summer Intern, Nic McPhee

This summer, Kidblog has the honor and pleasure of working with Nic McPhee, professor of computer science at the University of Minnesota, Morris. Kidblog co-founders and UMM alums Matt Hardy and Dan Flies were former student’s of Nic’s in the early 2000’s. So it’s with great humility (and great pleasure) that we may refer to our exalted mentor as “The Intern” while Nic’s official professorial duties are on hold for the summer.

Nic’s professional curriculum vitae is too diverse to adequately summarize, so you can take a look for yourself. In short, he’s a gifted educator, software developer, researcher, photographer, theatre buff, tea aficionado, and musichead.

Nic’s summer stint in Minneapolis began May 16 and will run until mid  August. His efforts will focus primarily on building out a new backend server architecture to support our completely redesigned e-portfolio platform. (We’ll be making more announcements about Kidblog’s awesome new features in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.) In preparation for that release, Nic is working closely with senior architect Ted Cushman implementing a RESTful API in Clojure on top of the JVM for performance and reliability. Nic has embraced the challenges of designing a secure, high-throughout, distributed system from the ground up. Kidblog is lucky to have him aboard!


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