Top 10 Reasons for Students to Blog

Top 10 Reasons for Students to Blog - Sylvia Duckworth - CC BY - flickr


Top 10 Reasons for Students to Blog

by Sylvia Duckworth

Here is why my students blog…

  1. Promotes collaboration
  2. Establishes a home-school connection
  3. Improves writing and digital literacy
  4. Showcases student accomplishments
  5. Gives students a voice
  6. Teachers digital citizenship
  7. Gives students a global and authentic audience
  8. Creates a digital portfolio
  9. Is cross-curricular
  10. Develops critical thinking skills

Why do you have your students blog?

About the Author
AIM French teacher. Excited by the creative & collaborative aspects of technology. Obsessed with Sketchnoting. Google Certified Innovator. @sylviaduckworth


  1. Laura Zinser

    I’m presenting a session for a local school disrtict on blogging. Would it be ok fro me to use your image with a link to this post in my presentation?

    • Kidblog

      Laura, Please reach out to @sylviaduckworth directly via Twitter.

  2. Dipendra Kumar

    Blogging is a good way to explore oneself! If an student is passionate about blogging, then he may get a range of benefits through blogging. Some of them are as follow;

    * Level of Thinking
    * Writing Capacity
    * Concentration of Mind
    * Self confidence


  3. Mark

    How about this: it makes them better people…Thanks for your list. I agree with them all.

  4. Nancy Darst

    I like this creative list you put together stating all the benefits of blogging. Our school hasn’t done any blogging. Seeing these benefits listed could motivate our school to try it.

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