Webinar: Blogging Through The Writing Process And In Project Based Learning

Humanities teacher, Andrea Woods, discusses how to infuse technology and project based learning in the classroom. Woods shares tips for inspiring students to become liberated leaders both in and out of the classroom.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to set a schedule for your students’ project to include blogging
  • Tips for and examples on mapping the PBL process
  • Using journals to document the PBL process


You can follow Andrea’s class @WoodsTeaches

About the Author
Laura is a Kidblog Customer Success Manager. She enjoys connecting with teachers daily to share Kidblog stories, learn how they use Kidblog in their classroom, and hear unique feature ideas to better our platform. Laura loves strong morning coffee, an invigorating yoga flow, and exploring new cities around the world.

One comment

  1. Helene Caliva

    Hi! I teach an Egyptian unit also and was excited to see how you developed PBL around this unit of study. After seeing your webinar, I am not sure how PBL was applied. Did you have any summative and formative assessments built it? Any essential questions about Egypt? I think the title was misleading. It seems like the webinar was more about Kidblog and how you use it. I am confused:)…Did you do more with Egypt? Thanks!

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