Webinar: Getting Started with Student Blogging

Third grade gifted education teacher, Marcia Armbruster, shares tips on starting a class blog. She will help you determine how to best to meet the needs of your class with your blog.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to determine the needs of your students and consider your needs as the teacher in regards to blogging
  • To consider your school or district’s policies to best determine your audience
  • Options for student blog content, as well as, the focus of commenting
  • How to enhance student blog posts and add creativity and interest

View more information on the magazine, Stone Soup, mentioned in the webinar.

Here is a list of teen writing contests throughout the year and more information on the Global Read Aloud.

Read Marcia’s Kidblog blog posts here.

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The Kidblog team is passionate about helping students find their voice within a safe, teacher-moderated environment.

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