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Kidblog Podcast: Creating focus and depth with reflection: Piece of Cake.

Our Kidblog Podcast series features real opinions and experiences of some of our most successful Kidblog users, and in this podcast, Ms. Cynthia Cox and a few of her former students share their authentic experiences of teaching and learning through blogs with education professionals like you.

Cynthia will first give you a little intro about herself then she and her students will let you in on what ingredients it takes to blog, reflect on some positive and challenging experiences, and finally discuss why they have each found blogging to be versatile and valuable. We’ll wrap it up with some information about how you can get started with blogging. Finally, as a thank you for your time today we’re offering a special Kidblog membership discount code at the end of our recording, so keep listening for your code!



Introducing Piece of Cake Podcast: 1:12

Cynthia Cox background: 1:41

Why and how does Cynthia use Kidblog with her TAG students: 2:03

Creating focus and depth is easy with blogging. It has different parts that come together to make it work. 2:46


Building our cake:

Flour – flour and other dry ingredients help a cake rise. What about blogging makes you rise? (students) 3:07

Eggs – in a cake eggs binds things together. What about blogging binds you together? (students) 3:42

Butter – helps make things stick. What part of Kidblog makes things stick? (students) 4:38

Milk – smooths things out. What smoothed out your blogging experience? (students) 5:41

Sugar – makes things sweet. What was the sweetest part of Kidblog? (students) 7:03

Baking – How would you liken Kidblog and reflections to baking a cake? (students) 7:42

Frosting – What made your Kidblog experience pretty? 9:21

Sprinkles – What isn’t necessary but is nice to have? 10:07


The good the bad and the ugly – 10:31

Reflect some of your best or easier experiences (students) – 10:55

What are some of the challenges you experienced (students)? – 12:56

Was anything ugly about your blogging experience (students)? -15:21


Resources and contact info from Cynthia – 18:13




The power of blogging at your fingertips & DISCOUNT – 19:07

Referral code and Admin Pro information – 20:07


If you have questions about memberships please email us at membership@kidblog.org.

If you have a support question, reach out to our help center or support@kidblog.org


Thanks for listening!

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Grace is a Marketing Manager at Kidblog. She enjoys discovering new ways to ignite the world's passion for blogging, and hearing from teachers about all the ways students are benefiting from Kidblog in and outside the classroom! Grace loves teaching painting, photographing the beautiful state of MN, and snuggling her two cats Piper and Opal.

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